2017 Cross State Ride Apparel Store open until MIDNIGHT PST, 6/30/17!!! GET YOUR ORDERS IN NOW! 


When the store closes on the set date, all orders will be processed and shipped after the store is closed. We will announce further details here and on our Facebook page in addition to the Club Newsletter to give as many people as possible who wanted apparel on the Ride and didn't order before the Ride to still get something to reflect the 2017 Ride.
We are also working on getting the store for the 2018 Ride ready and open by January at the latest so everyone has plenty of time to order Apparel and souvenirs for the 2018 Ride. Check in here and on our Facebook page for the most current information. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the 42 White Scarf Award recipients who completed the entire 2017 Cross State Ride!!!
Your dedication in rising to the challenges of completing the entire Cross State Ride absolutely prove you are all TOUGH ENOUGH!!!

2017 jwpwr annual cross state ride White scarf award recipients

2017 jwpwr annual cross state ride White scarf award recipients

For all of our First Timers joining the Ride NEXT year or thinking about joining in the future, a recent First Timer wrote out a bunch of questions and answers that we get about how it all works. We've had some input from other members on our collective experiences and what we would have liked to know before we joined the Cross State Ride that very first time. This is a wonderful experience, but it is a BIG undertaking if you are joining us for the entire 18 days or even for just a few. We are still working on organizing this FAQ and cleaning it up, but we have had numerous Members provide feedback that it includes some excellent information for our newest participants. Enjoy! 

Information for the First Timer Joining The John Wayne Pioneers, Wagons, and Riders Club Cross State Ride
If you have any suggestions on additional information you would like to see added, please Contact Us. 

You MUST be a current Member to receive our Monthly Newsletters which provide current club topics and information. Please review your Newsletter. You can also access it via our Newsletters Page. The Password is provided to Members upon payment of Membership dues. Membership extends from January 1st through the year. Everyone who plans to join any part of the JWPWR Cross State Ride is REQUIRED to be a current Member to participate. Membership forms(click to open .pdf) can be printed off and mailed with payment to the address on the form OR paid through our Club Payments Page. The links and information is also listed below.

2017 - 36th Annual Cross State Ride Itinerary - .pdf download **Updated online, please verify you have the latest revision.**

2017 JWPWR Annual Membership Form

2017 Ride Registration Form - .pdf download

Tunnel Waiver Form

2017 - 36th Annual Cross State Ride Itinerary - Online View ONLY **This will not print properly. Please click below for a downloadable .pdf version.**Please note there are tabs at the top for Week One and Week Two in this online version and the date of the latest revision will show at the top of Week One. Updates are made online so if you download a copy please make sure you have the latest version. 
**Online Payment for 2017 Membership Fees****Membership Renewal due now. Password for Access to Newsletters will be changed after March 1, 2017. New Password will be provided to Current 2017 Members upon payment of dues. Thank you. 

**Online Payment for 2017 Membership Fees**
Please note: We have Online Payments for your Annual Membership Dues. Click the link above or visit our Club Payment Page from the menu at the top of the page. 

**We have had to add a nominal transaction fee to accept credit and debit cards online in order to offset the fees the bank charges to process payments for us. Currently Membership paid online is $31. If you do not want to pay that extra charge you are welcome to print the form(s) and mail them to our P.O. Box with a check or money order for payment. Please do NOT mail cash.  We are not responsible for lost payments. 
There will be Early Registration discounts so please note the cut off dates for Early Bird Discounts for the Cross State Ride is May 5th and save $25 on Ride Registration Fees. 
Registration after May 6th will be an additional $25. 
******We have Online Payment Options for your Ride Fees in addition to Annual Membership. 
Please see the Registration Form for fees and the Club address to send your forms and payments ASAP to get your Early Bird Discount of $25.
After May 6th, please note it will be an additional $25 per Registration form. If you are registering multiple Riders and/or Teamsters on one purchase please include ONE $25 Late Registration fee. Thank you. 

The annual ride is special, both because it is long enough to feel like a wagon train and because it covers many different landscapes. You will ride through wheat fields, cattle ranches, basalt rockeries and forests. You will cross bridges and go through tunnels. You will have time to fall into the rhythm of the trail, meet others and enjoy the landscape ”up close and personal.”  You will meet many people who come back for this ride year after year, a testament to this unique experience.

Cross State Ride FAQ

The John Wayne Trail