John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders
Annual Cross State Ride
"Ride Across Washington"
Our 35th year!

No meetings for the club to plan for 2017 will happen until September 2016. If you are planning on joining the 2017 Cross State Ride, check back with us after Summer for information and dates of the 2017 Ride. Also, you can join us on our Facebook club page. 
Have a wonderful summer. Happy Trails! 


Cross State Ride 2016:
May 19-June 5

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The annual ride is special, both because it is long enough to feel like a wagon train and because it covers many different landscapes. You will ride through wheat fields, cattle ranches, basalt rockeries and forests. You will cross bridges and go through tunnels. You will have time to fall into the rhythm of the trail, meet others and enjoy the landscape ”up close and personal.”  You will meet many people who come back for this ride year after year, a testament to this unique experience.

Cross State Ride FAQ

The John Wayne Trail


The following items are REQUIRED for all riders and livestock on the cross state ride.

All riders must carry enough water for themselves and their livestock for 3 days. On the 3rd day we will have locations for water fill up and you can refer to your trail guide book for these loca-
tions. Please bring your own 50-foot hose and water buckets.

All livestock on this ride are required to have shoes on. Pads are highly recommended. Boots are acceptable but have proven to have issues on past rides.

All livestock must be vaccinated. Please bring a medical emergency kit for you and your livestock.

The following items are highly recommended for your livestock:

A collapsible water bucket to carry on the trail.

Vet wrap


Fly Spray



Loose trace mineral salt, or a 5 lb. block (Purina 12/12 free balance minerals is an excellent choice)

The following items are highly recommended for all riders:



Bug Spray

Allergy Medication

Eye Drops

Most campsites are spacious enough to put up corrals; however, there are some sites where this is not possible. Please be prepared to secure your horse at night without the ability to set up a portable corral. The specific information regarding each campsite will be available to you in your “Trail Guide Book” provided to you in your ride packet.

We look forward to seeing you and we are confident you will enjoy this historical ride. The items listed above have been compiled by the many riders who have participated in this amazing journey year after year.


The Cross State Ride Changes

One of our changes this year that seems to be drawing the most attention to a few of you is our requirement for all participants to bring their own water for themselves and their livestock for 3 days. On the 3rd day we will be refilling. That is are worse case scenario. Most of the camps sites have water available on the 2nd day.

For most of us we chose to not depend heavily on the Club's water supply which is located on our trailer attached to the mini bus. The mini bus with the water tank and honey buckets, meets the ride daily at the halfway point on the trail, ensuring that your animals will have water.

What triggered this decision by the ride committee several incidents last year, where riders arrived back at camp and their trailer but had no water on board. The Mini Bus was still out on the trail waiting for the last riders and drag riders to come in. It was hot and they had no water for their animals. It was a 2 hour wait or longer for them. Although many of us helped out many times along the way and we certainly don't mind we also have our own livestock to take care of and are managing our own water supply.

Our thought and concern is if we don't ask that we all be proactive and make provisions on our rigs to bring water, what are we going to do if 50 new participants show up with no water and depend on the club's water. To be fair to all of us, it is a must to ask the same from everyone .

If you go online and look at High Country Plastics water tanks you have many choices and they are very reasonable considering they last forever. My favorite is the one that sits on top of your hay rack. Once your tank is in place that is it and you refill it from the bottom. Another one I love is the tank that sits in back of your truck for your fifth wheel. I holds 72 gallons.

There are also lots of tanks for your tack room as well. Your local feed store can order any of these products as most of them are a dealer. Trail Pals. Com is another excellent source and they deliver. I hope these ideas help as we all get prepared for this 18 day journey.

On behalf of the ride committee we look forward to seeing all of you this year as we celebrate our 35 th year on the amazing John Wayne Trail.

Dar Brady

The Ride Committee